Sunday, November 22, 2009

Philippine Government made Enemies of the Children in the 70’s

The Late 70’s was a memorable decade for me and

the kids of the Similar age here in the Philippines.

I was age 3 then.

It was the Era of the Super Robots.

There are few local Channels that air Anime of this Genre. namely 7,9,and 13.

Channel 7, they have Voltes Five and Mazinger z.

And some other robots like Daimos ,Mekanda robo and Ufo Grendizer.

Channel 9 had cool programs : Danguard Ace,Jeeg,Gaiking .Channel 13 had

Getter Robot and Balatac and more as I recall.

All in all, it was Magical and Fantastic to be a Kid,.Robots here and There.

Our Favorite was Channel 7. Eager to watch Voltes v and Mazinger z,

we Turn on the Wooden Black and white TV sets early,

and Waited till Kapwa ko Mahal koto Finish.

It was hosted by Orly Mercado and features sick-Needy people

.,and who would forget the Person INSET translating every word

to Sign Language.

Watching it Up to the end.. afraid we’ll miss even the Anime Opening.

And Finally The Female Voiceover would Say –

“Momentarily we Bring you Voltes V” it was Magic and Crazy. We were sitting still

Wether on the floor or Sofa The Fantastic opening Credits for the Program

Brings Chill to every Children. Voltes V ‘s Magic was it’s endearing Marching Song

And the Five Flyng Machines that would Fight the Enemy Beast Fighter and will

Merge to form the Super Robot as it fight with his Feirce weaponry

from Electro magnetic top to Its Incredible Laser Sword.

And the Domineering Music of Mazinger Z as it Comes out of The Pool

as the hover Pilder Locks into Position activating the Mighty Giant

And Vanquishes the Enemy with its arsenal his Famous Rocket Punch and

Breast Fire. Viewing these show is Not Complete without Watching the Ending Themes..

Voltes V's beautiful End Song.. Mazinger Z's theme showing its

Mechanical Parts is awesome!.

All in all,it was a treat for us Kids then. It was Pop Culture of the time.

My Father, Tatay as I call him, would bring Home from work Bundle of News paper

Magazine on week days. They were filled with Super Robot Pinups ,print ads,

Illustrations and I keep them as my priced clippings /possessions.(Laughs).

Drawing Robots ,Stickers here and there it was awesome to be young.

oh not to Forget the Purefoods Voltes V Promo Posters that were super cool.

That alone was left of my Chilhood Possesions.

To me ,Nothing Beats a Good Family and Super Robots.

Then one evening ,Tatay Came Home with a News, The President has Cancelled these

Programs ,they show me the Editorial Cartoon because I wouldn’t Believe them.

In Shock ,I Saw The President Locked up Voltes v in a Jail Cell. It Was Horrific that

The Message went through. I Cried, and Grab Tatay’s Fountain Pen

but he would not let me use it,

so he gave me a sign pen the one with two tips,the red andBlack tip .

I hurriedly and with Greive, As I Cry, I put on to the paper drawings of Pimples

Kurekong sa mukha and Horns and anything that would make the President

look Nasty and Awful.

Same kids Had similar Reactions-Stunned. Thus the Government made Enemies of the

Kids in the Seventies.

80’s came ,People went to the streets in Edsa and

the rest is History. The once children, had their Revenge.

Anecdote on the Comic Book Where Bold stars go to Die

I went to a Catholic HighSchool , Handfull of Priest Friend and some of Them

Are my God Father, and Still I did Bold Stars Comics. The Answer,

I am not Conservative and I Love Comics

Having to Do it was pure Pleasure to the Max .the Genre would not stop me from doing

An exciting and Challenging type. And for Someone Like Gerry Alanguilan

To trust me with creating my First Ever Comic book Project is Awsome.

I would Like to mention also, I have an Aunt Nun, My father’s Half Sister,

We call her Sister Pat. One day , She Paid us a visit ,She Heard that I was ill

By that time ,I had my Third Cycle of Chemotherapy.

She gave me advises on how to deal with it and Pray More.

The Afternoon went on until she Mentioned about Our Comics Project

She Heard it I guess from my Inay/mom. She wanted to see it . I had

A sudden Burst of Perspiration and couldn’t answer immediately Tongue tied,

I tried to answer But couldn’t Find the right words .

My sister and Brother Giggled.(laughs).

Good thing I already Submitted the Artwork to Mr. I told her that

But she insisted on me to tell her the Story .So ,with my fast thinking , I narrated

The Summary and Made it Strip to the Bone-clean Love Story Fantasy editedVersion.

( I can't narrate the story here , that’ll be in a way a spoiler.

Just get the Copy to Find out)(Laughs) After that I told her that the story

was really intended for Mature Readers. She said, oh,well she thought she

could Get a Copy and Have it as a teaching Material

something with Good Moral Lesson for her Students.

(it Has, read it)(Laughs)

I then said We have our next Project entitled Rodski Patotski ang Batang Baby ,

that is for all ages due for next year.

She’ll wait for it she said.

Thus the topic about Boldstars ended.

It was a Nerve Racking Experience , I know how conservative Nuns are.